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Burn like a disco inferno

As Zozobra moves his style into the 1970's, it's time to take stock of the year that was and give those bad experiences and memories exactly what they deserve — a good burning. The Santa Fe New Mexican and the Kiwanis have teamed up to make it easy to say I Will Survive and set your glooms ablaze.

On this page, you'll be able to submit your gloom, which will be printed out ahead of the Burning of Zozobra on Friday Aug, 30. Your online gloom will be included with all the rest collected around Santa Fe and at Ft. Marcy Park on burn day and burned.

Tickets for the burning of Will Shuster's Zozobra are on sale now.


The rise and fall of Zozobra

Enjoy this gallery of hundreds of images taken from the festivities surrounding the burning of Zozobra. Photographers from The New Mexican have captured the excitement over the years.