Phillips, Keane

Phillips, Keane

School: Santa Fe Waldorf School

Future plans: Take a gap year, complete some classes at Santa Fe Community College, then attend either Eckerd College in Florida, or Friends University in Kansas

Extracurriculars: Tae Kwon Do, amateur HEMA, junior docent at the New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science

Favorite quote: “Chocolate?... Did you say, chocolate?” Spongebob, S3, E12

Favorite memory: I took a kayak trip with some of my good friends, and theirs on the Rio Grande. We got ice cream, we grilled burgers at one of their houses, and the entire adventure lasted from sunrise to sunset.

Advice to future generations: Do NOT let your phone get in the way. Get a snake! It’s surprising how much they help when you’re feeling down, and they’re just all around great companions.

Parents' names: Bryan and Elizabeth Phillips

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