Elizabeth Jones

No to 3 stories - it would definitely block views and be an eye sore. Saying “well we can’t make money unless there are 3 stories” or “oh there isn’t room for affordable housing unless we have 3 stories” is a load of BS.


And this isn’t a terribly complex letter - it’s a opinion that should have been written 10-11 months ago. It’s long overdue, and parents just want their kids back IN CLASS. Maybe we should follow the CDC’s recommendations.... wow, what a thought.

If it were truly about the kids, we would be back in class.

All you have to do is get teachers back to work IN CLASS. Can someone please explain to me why my kid’s school isn’t back to normal hours even though the entire staff has been vaccinated? I’m so tired of this bureaucratic BS - just do your job.

Hey there "Lamp Amigo." if you read the article you would see that teachers are being offered vaccines and extra pay to make up for the lack of education that our kids received this year. You don't spend "all day" with our kids, and virtual learning has been such a poor excuse for classes…

Wow. I've lost all respect for teachers in this state.

👆👏👏👏 why this couldn’t be done sooner for struggling students is beyond me...

“According to the CDC, the proportion of emergency room visits related to mental health concerns doubled between April and October for children between the ages of 5 and 11, and tripled for those between the ages of 12 and 17, compared to the same period in 2019.”


Hi Mark. I find that people who are rude often feel powerless in their own lives, terrified of not being in control. I’m sure this isn’t you though...

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