arthur lynn

Vin & Jude...Funny that you didn't mention the thousands of COVID positive illegal immigrants pouring across our borders and being bussed to cities throughout the US.

Richard...Thank you for trying to explain to those that do not understand exactly what is happening in the US today!

The 30-50 guns is just a guess since their guns were locked in a gun safe without the police knowing the combination.

Thank you Peter for your common sense !

Sheri VS ...You do realize that 60% of gun deaths are suicides not homicides.

Seems like they could have made a more accurate count.

Yes Delaware has stricter voting laws than either Georgia or Texas...It is very unAmerican for the President to state otherwise...It is also extremely Racist to suggest that People of Color are not smart enough or incapable of obtaining voter ID's..

Just remember that BLM and other leftist radicals support the Cuban Communist Government!! That is their vision for the USA !

In CRT the important word is Theory...That is what it is. A hair brained Theory thought up by a Marxist Racist !

Patrick, You seem a bit confused. It is the Democrats in big cities that have eliminated cash bail allowing criminals arrested for non violent crimes such as burglary or robbery to be given a desk appearance and walk out free in a matter of hours. In NYC an amazing amount of criminals arr…

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