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What a complainer! Are you ignoring yesterday’s article whee the Police Caption on site ordered the stand down because officers were getting injured?

Editor, I should have signed the previous post, Paul Dirdak, my spouse, Wendy Pomeroy, is your subscriber. Thanks.

Representative Herrera’s article underscores the reason that I and mine were so grateful when she decided to run for office. If Elizabeth Warren can call her new book, “Persist”, then Susan Herrera could have written the same book. The analysis of NMs progress toward economic justice for …

Tell it, John...

I agree. The mob was wrong, and the FBI and other law enforcement are working to identify and arrest those responsible for destruction of the monument and other unlawful activity. I am grateful no one was injured. Few have the training to assess a mob situation and to know what policing t…

Wlpomeroy commented on House District 39 candidates

Please correct. This is a SENATE DISTRICT.

Wlpomeroy commented on House District 39 candidates

This is a SENATE SEAT, NOT A House Seat.WAKE UP Chacon and EDITORS!!!

I must be missing something. Help me out here.

Daniel Chacon writes very clearly that the audit in question was for a term that expired 13 months ago. At that time two programs, The Community Development Block Grant Program and the "airport improvement program" reported audit findin…

I know Paul Bedell, and I’ll use the past tense when I’m good and ready. His was a quick smile, a strong laugh and always a ripping-good story. Generous as the day is long. Loves good food and drink because his son’s a great cook. Doted on every family member and a widening circle of frie…

“I’m a good customer service guy,” sez Chaz. And indeed he is. Great article. Great business. Thanks.

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