Gail Odom

New Mexico should strive for a more healthy population, ending food deserts, curbing obesity. Preventative health care for all.

How do you install the fan? Where? Just for one room? Details please.

Western Woman commented on In Eldorado, the gift of sharing

Well-deserved, thanks to you both.

Closing the museums is a bad idea. What is the logic in this move? With mask wearing already required, have there been any instances of people catching the virus while enjoying art and history? Come on New Mexico, this makes no sense to me. I was looking forward to having one indoor activ…

We need rapid testing results and testing of all people, even those without symptoms. Why is this not happening Governor? You will never get ahead of this thing without much better testing.

Such a nice story, thanks!

I would like to know when greatly expanded testing is coming to New Mexico. We need to know who the asymptomatic spreaders are, who has the antibodies...How else will we ever emerge from quarantine? Stanford University has a new test for northern California for antibodies, for example. Wh…

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