Vicente Roybal

a great place for them, maybe they could shop for property during the convention

The plaque no longer said savages. To be offended by history and to begin a whitewashing history is mindless, it is meant to be learned from. Some people want to associate genocide with local Spanish people, but that is short sighted as the Spanish Military and the settlers were two separ…

Hey George. You should've called it a Torreon feature

Thank you Stefanie Beninato, Gracias hermano Orlando Baca

Great! (just what santa fe needs...more rich people.)

At what point do these people lose their privileged of buying BLM horses? The NM Livestock board is a joke when it comes to protecting these majestic animals!

I agree with Greg, these workers are among the highest paid in the state if not in the country. Give us a break! There are far more deserving peoples than these!

"if I wanted to go on a secret mission?"- What are they secret agents? What a bunch of idiots! Is this the caliber of citizen the local high school is producing?

"Proponents say the water system is the only way to ensure a consistent supply of water for residents in the region "..Really? This is a sham! One only has to look at the Buckman Diversion to see how long it has been out of service. And to rely on river water when the news of dimin…


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