Vince Czarnowski

As the one student commented, "I should have stayed home." It's infuriating to learn what teachers consider as a "hybrid model"; on top of that it's only a few days a week. Why do teachers put themselves so much higher than doctors, nurses, caregivers, or grocery store workers? It's beyon…

Everyone needs to remember this come election time. I've only been living in Santa Fe since October, but it seems her style of government is no different than the crooks running Chicago and Illinois.

Thank you Mr.Simonich for bringing this problem into the light. We have recently moved to Santa Fe from Chicago. Being born and raised in Chicago, I have seen what happens to a city when homeless encampments are allowed to exist. They just grow and portions of beautiful parks and areas of…

It's obvious this woman is completely out of touch with her constituency. It's revolting. Everyone should keep this in mind come election time.

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