Jim Montevallo

She's been terrible. Gets my vote as worst on the entire council.

We cannot foul up broadband. Third world countries have New Mexico topped.

The faux conservatives always choose cartoon characters, we needn't pay sad silly steve, there's a bot just like him and Yvette eagerly awaiting the chance to make a daily fool of themselves and New Mexico.

Name one thing she accomplished for the well north of half a million it cost us?

Super typical webber hire: no experience, obsequious fealty to a weak boss, reward for poor performance, leaves before the work is accomplished.

Good riddance. Wish we could have paid that 5k two …

Total failure sums it up.

Obelisk sticks out in our minds for obvious reasons, the shame and division it brings to our city to this day, but showing up after three hours to a vicious hate crime in the center of downtown, though a result of laziness and lack of leadership, was in any…

The tone of this whole piece is skin crawl. Everything is just easy breezy.

Ah yes, the water, the infrastructure--the huge bloated government that can't provide basic services well already, the skyline---those little irksome bothers that will all work out in a time of booming droug…

"Our View" is our not view.

"Our Not View" is a better name.

How typical of this paper to espouse a slippery slope against one of the most revered, unique and essential aspects of our legend city,

For shame.

We have a serially bad mayor and a sadly weak council and…

This administration should go to a library and read books about master development, city services, budget management, human resources and governing.

"Every member of the Santa Fe City Council should be full of questions about Mayor Alan Webber’s nominee for city manager."

Ha! Don't waste your breath. Not one of them has ever shown courage besides Michael Garcia. They have let a bad mayor get away with bad things every single tim…

Santa Fe stinks with Webber. Smells everywhere. Once departments saw that an employee could get killed at the convention center among many violations and the exec director could jet off on a junket that day and face no consequences while we all paid for his mistakes and instead he gets hi…

Daniel Chacon was a serious reporter on the City Hall beat. The paper now loves to give them a pass all the time. As for this old news, nowhere to go but up in this role, but given Webber's hiring acumen, don't expect proper policing, services, budget, or a return to the city's sense of u…

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