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Jim Montevallo

Yes, there are loads of states that have enacted and enforced good policies to deal with drunk crimes, drug crimes, violent crimes, gangs, dangers, policing, education, health care.....-you name it.

New Mexico is never one of them, but could be if papers and stations held officials …

Just what I would expect from the low end of this generation of Santa Fe youth. If they aren't tagging historic district restaurants with racist hate graffiti and destruction, toppling historic statues they don't understand, or murdering visitors to our historic city on Airport Road, they…

Baloney, hyperbolic partisan speculation based on nothing and even if so does not undercut the mortgage argument. One can scrape a few dollars a week, take the Rail Runner, and more. One can't twist the bank's arm.

Weak try but thanks for playing.

Working on it Molina, but hate is your word, and nice deflection on all the truth. Hahahah.

Rah rah sis boom bah! Blair Blair he's the man if he can't do it nobody can!!!!!

I guess a puff piece is par for the course right now. Whatever. Talk is so so so cheap yet seeing as our community hadn't figured that out yet, why expect a paper that endorsed the serial failures of Al…

Why look at a longest term matter through a shortest term lens?

A few extra dollars in fuel a day more than makes up for a bank that won't lend you enough money to buy where you want.

Don't overreact to current hiccups.

Outstanding post. So rare to find coherence in this pages, actual thinking and not sheepish kneejerk.

Old lefty tactic is to crate a catchphrase like NIMBY, paint it with broad strokes of shame, and then bully it around anywhere and everywhere. This is a pandemic in Santa Fe.

The "we need housing so let's build a lot of housing" argument will mean severe overdevelopment, crushing overdevelopment. There will never be enough housing to meet demand, and greed and a continued parade of lame council temps will mean more and more bad buildings and the money going to…

God forbid we deal with the root cause, teach them English and empower them in all pursuits everywhere......get ready for another generation of systemic failure

The city's paper has done an abysmal job investigating the bus driver deaths.

Lack of media accountability empowers an incapable mayor and his love of blame and excuses as well as the unbelievably weak council that would rather do what he wants than their jobs.

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