KT Rivera

C’mon, New Mexican, your bias is showing! I spent the day re-considering continuing my subscription. The Union Protectiva has been vocal since July 2020 with numerous ads. Mr. Webber decided to run for re-election in March 2021- something the fraternal organization had no role in making h…


The New Mexican newspaper should publish the latest Union Protectiva ad and let its readership decide for themselves. Anything short of that is biased reporting.

Christian: Santa Fe just got through 3 years of someone in office with zero experience but with deep pockets. We have gone backward in many ways. The core City services are in shambles and the City looks terrible inside and out.Hopefully the citizens of Santa Fe have learned their lesson …


Thank you JoAnne Vigil Coppler! The fact that you recognize and are listening to the true voice of Santa Fe citizens is refreshing! Time for a new mayor.


I am not convinced the city can protect it's current art work / murals much less any future creations. Three city 'sponsored' murals have already been vandalized over the past three months. I recommend the city first spend some time on determining protection, restoration due to vandalism,…


Keep Santa Fe Beautiful's annual spring clean up is Saturday, April 17th. Join in! Register to participate and get materials @ https://keepsantafebeautiful.org/.

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