Loyal Customer

In our prior community, there was a bond issue for an Olympic pool. Many were opposed. However, the bond passed. The new , beautiful , Olympic standard pool was so successful and profitable that the same community built a SECOND Olympic pool soon after. Hello Mayor . People will support a…

How much are we paying for this information. Ridiculous.

Someone needs to test the Governor for rabies,too.

Ten million flies can’t be wrong.

We met Karmela near the Courthouse on Grant. She was a very nice lady. Viva Karmela.

Oink !

Dog gone ! I would purchase this, but I’m tapped out. We just spent ten million for a starter home in Santa Fe.

An allegation. The exorbitant home prices in Pulte Subdivision Las Solaris Santa Fe are shameful. The same model of a Pulte home in Rio Rancho is approximately $200,000 less for the same Pulte house in Santa Fe ! Two hundred thousand bucks less ! In addition, the Pulte Homes are fraught w…

Well done. Rest In Peace.

Well done, young fellow !