Johnson has the stand of “pro-life.” Pro-life goes beyond the baby in the womb. It means to take measures to let everyone live. This includes the wearing of a mask, to prevent the contagious virus spreading to others.

It is very sad, that those who only depend on the homeopathic approach, do not see that at times, they need to go beyond this and look at doctors that can help the child survive. Use herbs for a stomach ache. But when the child is losing weight and can no longer walk, it is time to see th…

FYI, the dance classes, NDI, are done through the public schools. NDI dancers come to selected schools to teach. It is a magnificent experience. It sounds like he was one that stood out for his outstanding performance.

Bless you!

A number of posts say they are immigrants. I do not see this mentioned in the article. Is this an assumption?

She has now lost all of my respect. She is not for Santa Fe; we are only a notation on her resume. What she is doing now is how I remember her in my graduate classes at UNM, nothing special, nothing out of the ordinary. With her current role, I thought she had proved me wrong. I was right…

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