Paul Branch

Yes, scream the loudest while ignoring that Elias was the attorney most responsible for the blanket defeat of the Kracken lawsuits around the nation, and standing up to Trump’s blatant treason and fraud. Elias helped save democracy but the idiots just need to emote. Wish they’d get therapy.


Is this the prominent Colonel Taylor Locker of Albuquerque who works or worked for the DoD? Seems important. This

Trying to live as if Schopenhauer was wrong sums up capitalism and the impending fall of civilization by climate catastrophe.

Enough from this bumptious fartspackled conglobulation. There MUST be consequences.

Yeah! Since there’s crime why have any laws at all? #DeathCult

Credit to Udall for sponsoring proposed constitutional amendment to overturn Citizen’s United. The people are powerless as long as corporations are insipid people and money is vapid speech. Democratic Senators voted unanimously in favor in 2019.

15% of college athletes showed heart damage after COVID. They’ll be lucky to reach old age, and the preexisting condition leaves them SOL for insurance. Ain’t medical care for profit grand? Kakistocracy…

**** your feelings.

Doesn’t feel good, does it?

Well, now’s your chance. Now is your magic moment.

Grow up. Develop some empathy. Develop some ambitions in life more edifying than “drinking libtard tears”.

Do these things, and we’ll talk again in four years.

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