Tim Herrera

Right on Mark.👍

It's because you and Bob Dylan blow. Ronchetti exposed Lujans ignorance in the debates and bright up the true fact that being Pelosis right hand he couldn't use that clout to help New Mexico. It's people like you that voted for party over substance.

👍Right on Mark

Spot on Milan. This is the first commentary that I can say is 100% correct. Senator Lujan is the greatest New Mexico fund raiser of all time. Notice fundraiser, not effective politician. He learned to fool his constituents that he had their best interests in mind from another BS’er, the L…

Don't understand why Milan is always carrying the water for Egolf. Every single county and cities administration is against this bill, most of them being democrat administrations. Should that send up red flags people, that your closest representation is against this bill. And the state of…

Just look at Egolf's campaign contributions, largest amount from trial attorney's like himself. What better platform to create laws one will benefit the most. He has sued state and county government for years now, it's easy money, and then with his title and bullying style they mostly jus…

Poor your neighbors. I would hate to live by you. The ignorant things that come out of your mind amaze me.

Tim Herrera commented on Special elections can be surprising

Eric Serna lost because he is a crooked individual. The people in the North that are brainwashed Democrats finally saw the writing on the wall and elected Redmond. Serna uses the Nortenos and thought that they would carry worthless D.A. Marco to the U.S. House, lol. They own so much Prime…

Egolf must have found the Late Speaker Lujan’s playbook in a desk drawer. The stories people on the inside tell about Ben sound like an episode of The Sopranos. Yet, some in the Valley have given him Saint hood, lol. Egolf is just continuing a tradition.

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