Steve Spraitz

Wasn’t it multiperv ?

Just replace the obelisk and change the statement about savage Indians to something else

Or would that be too difficult.

If they had a brain, they’d of proofread anything that gets printed

It’s called the ‘Printers Proof’ which is proper protocol before anything gets the final go ahead to publish and or print something .

Newspaper articles, posters, any document, and so forth .

Probably trying to save payroll costs and maximize profits at employee expense by not using proper safety protocols and training

All of that was unnecessary

Someone could have gotten flattened by the concrete or worse

Totally worthless

Those people, he cops snd the rest , including the mayor, cops, and everyone else, have their heads up their spincters , with sand in the Vaseline

Beware who you bite for

tilesteve commented on Caught behind the lines

This goes to show you that you cannot trust a lawyer , particularly when you see their lips move , as long as they get a cut from your pocket .

Who cares? It was like others say, 40 years ago so what .

An HOA board, is nothing but a few has-beens , with a touch if authority , some sort of power that went to their heads .

Move em out by the county jail area ,so tgey gave other resources than bothering the neighbors who own property ,never asked for this, and lighten up the begging,drug and alcohol abuse and harassment of the local business owners trying to make an honest living

I was homeless for a f…

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