Tiffany Thomas

I mean isn't there separation of church and state?

hahahahahahaha flat earth hahahahahahahahaha. Diminished food supply where? Rising prices isn't anything new. Mental health is available and I suggest you utilize it

I can agree Rachel. That is the question that we are all wondering. I think it was a miracle that nobody was seriously injured, but we all can see that this is what Webber wanted. These individuals did his dirty work. Everything they needed was left, paid for by us, the tax payers, for th…

its my petition and I would love to help Union Protectiva in any way I can! My dad is a member, but unfortunately I am having a hard time getting ahold of someone there. If anyone has info, please let me know!

These pictures aren't going to help! We are all wearing masks so I have literally walked by family members in the store not realizing its them, so how is anyone supposed to recognize granola gene wilder? I haven't been able to stop rolling my eyes since reading this article.

33.3% of voters in the previous election so roughly 7000 signatures of registered voters in Santa Fe on a petition. Its listed in the NM Constitution. That rank choice voting is ridiculous!

Too little, too late The damage is done and Webber has just fueled the hate and division in our community with his lies and sneaky antics. The 3SC have said in their hate rally's that they are coming for Cross of the Martyrs and the Cathedral. Almost 2000 people have voiced that they want…

Spot on Milan!

I sure hope he does! He actually cares about Santa Fe and its actual constituents unlike that clown of a mayor we have now.

And you know that how????? What he did was vile yes but to cite immigration status without knowing is also vile. You racists are disgusting

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