Dottie Butler


The stakes couldn't be higher for New Mexico or our entire country than they are when it comes to redistricting.

If Republicans get their wish they will lock in a politically skewed redistricting plan nationwide that will turn our country into a fascistic dictatorship. I doubt that …


We need to do what Austria has done and what Germany is about to do. Initiate a Covid lockdown for the unvaccinated.

For all of you out there that have chosen not to get vaccinated. Get vaccinated.

The rest of us need to go get a booster shot immediately if it has been six mon…


One thing we do know about where this money is going to go regardless of whether it's our Democratic Governor or our Democratic Legislature that decides is that the people of New Mexico are ultimately going to get this money.

That would not be the case if Republicans were doing the …


Hey Jim, you're seem to be opposed to people having a choice about wearing a mask if they want to. It appears that you want as many people as possible to get Covid. Are you against anyone getting vaccinated?

Our governor has been fighting an uphill battle from the beginning against …


It's a matter of life or death that all of us get vaccinated and now keep up with getting booster shots.

The single most significant reason that we still have a pandemic is because some people have chosen not to get vaccinated.

This pandemic is still not over.

You could …


So Ronchetti, are you opposed to this infrastructure bill that Mitch McConnell is for?

Trump is trying to get rid of McConnell and is against this bill so you better be careful about making your boss mad before you answer.

Manchin and Sinema are still trying to kill the other …


The only thing Florida is doing better is how extensively they conceal how much worse the pandemic is there than what they publish. If you really believe what Ron DeSantis is telling you then you undoubtedly believe everything Trump tells you as well. DeSantis has even taken to dressing l…


Don't blame anyone but yourself if you don't get vaccinated, don't wear a mask, don't socially distance yourself, then get sick with Covid, perhaps gravelly ill, perhaps die, and maybe communicate it to someone you care about (or not care about) and have something similar happen to them.<…


So Mark, did Joe Biden win the 2020 Presidential Election?

Did any of the people currently being prosecuted for their activities during the January 6, 2021 Capitol insurrection deserve to be prosecuted?

Was the January 6, 2021 insurrection really an insurrection?

Do you …


I can't really tell what Ronchetti is or isn't. He might be religious, but I'm not even sure of that. He seems to think that he is a better fit with Republicans than Democrats, but that might be because he knows he could never win a Democratic Primary.

He says what he thinks will ge…

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