Elizabeth Pettus

Character assassination is always wrong, misogyny is always wrong, irresponsible social

media trolling is always wrong. Please get the facts and stop destroying people just for sadistic fun, or misguided anti environmental nonsense. If one doesn’t like a policy, fine, but please cea…

Let’s not confuse things with reality...lol. Good point.

So then what do we think about the RNC paying $250,000 to “remodel” Sara Palin for her campaigning? Yes, it’s sexist, also - but it’s also remarkably hypocritical regardless.

I would seriously consider photocopying your card-both sides and laminating the copy-keeping the original safe at home. If there is ever a booster needed, the medical professionals will want to fill it out on the same card. The card should probably be kept with the yellow vaccination card…

tfiner commented on Native made? Protect it

I would submit that it’s never ok to sell fakes-fraud is always wrong, but the crux is that the law says that sellers have an affirmative obligation to disclose the origin of their items

And the materials.

Noise scofflaws are omnipresent through the night on the Old Taos Highway and Washington, as well. I cannot imagine why anyone thinks having a badly tuned vehicle and destroying other people’s sleep has merit.

There are several trolls on FB with obviously fake identities, as there are on the New Mexican comments sections. They all violate the letter and spirit of guidelines and are cowards. If you cannot be honest about who you are (and I am not referring to whistleblowers who have genuine fear…

How about waiting until we know the prices of the tickets to complain? It seems as though the organization is doing the best it can without a reliable crystal ball right now. Also, as Market costs hundred of thousands of dollars to put on and the traditional methods of fundraising have al…

Yes, let’s treasure our trees as they deserve, and let’s emphasize the oldest and most at risk...the Plaza trees. the Santa Fe downtown merchants have been working and pleading to protect the plaza trees for 2 decades...to no avail. When they are gone, it should surprise no one, but it wi…

tfiner commented on Loyal listener in Santa Fe

The dog is darling, the performance is of good quality, but the mask mandate had been ignored by this gentleman and the police since April. The rest of us would have been fined.

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