T Ortega

I applaud Ms. Vigil Coppler and Ms. Martinez Johnson for showing such restraint. They have had to sit right next to webber and listen to him lie over and over again. It has gotten so old and actually scary the way he can lie and distort all the awful things he has done to this city and th…

Save Santa Fe From Alan Webber and his councilors. Vote

Bravo Dennis, well said.

Help Save Santa Fe From Alan Webber !!!

It clearly state you dont have to vote for people you dont want to. https://www.votedifferentsantafe.com/

Bravo MP Paul !!! Couldn't be said any better!! Webber and his City Councilor lackey's need to be voted out!!

Pretty busy day for SFPD Please be safe out there. Tell me Webber and Signe how was the day on Canyon Rd. & Cerro Gordo? Did you play pickle ball today?

It is pretty amazing to see where webber is getting this money from. https://www.santafenm.gov/media/files/Candidate%20Alan%20Webber_Mayor.pdf

One vote, one candidate. Joanne Vigil Coppler for Mayor. You don't have to check all the names.

T Ortega commented on Judge the mayor on results

Well said Mr. Miller, thank you

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