Susan H Bell

This article belongs on the opinion page of this newspaper, not on the front page as news. Attorney Garner says "the pandemic is a big fat lie". She says she has "experts, evidence, science & research on which she bases her opinion." However your reporter evidently did not bother to a…

Since Dollar Stores are open right now the corporation must have squeaked by by declaring that they are essential because they sell food. Mmmmmm the food isles have to not junk food & pop... tools? Cheap use-once screwdrivers made in China. Cleaning supplies?

Shelves empty excep…

Watch for the bankruptcy of Environmental Restoration Inc, requiring us, the taxpayers, to hold the bag.

Thank you for this!

Pierce Knolls & "Dr" Michael Johnson...... Mmmmmmm.

Perfect timing. A big snowstorm approaches and it is the day after Veteran's Day. A significant number of those served by this worthy organization are Veterans who served this country only to be discarded because of their inability to re integrate into our society after their service to th…

Thank you New Mexican for printing the truth!

The way to stop drunk drivers is by taking away both their licenses and their automobiles FOREVER.... I Sweden if you are caught once, you never drive again. Do not give the makers and installers of interlocks & breathalyzers that give those false readings a chance to make money on the …

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