Richard Reinders

Ask the people of the Aamodt Settlement that had 1/2 acre ft of water taken from them against their will if they think there is more water than they think. There will always be plenty of water if you take it from someone else. And as Khal said with global warming and drought you can't hav…

Just saw this article in the Abq Journal maybe it is reason to send troops a state patrolman shot down around Lordsburg.

Marion get rid of your car, stove and refrigerator and I will think about, your comment.

Steve I couldn't have said it better except I don't think Covid has anything to do with it it started long before Covid.

I guess unaccompanied and abandoned children walking in the New Mexico desert has nothing to do with Wagyu steaks or cocktails. Shame on MLG for ignoring the problem like Harris/O Biden. Wake up the Dam has broken.


So Egolf gets off technically but not morale is that how I read this story? The Ethics Commission is toothless and is just for show is that what we are seeing here? Another feel good committee that does nothing we don't need. I think the tax payers have been duped and only recourse is at …

Or an environmentalist the truth is somewhere in the middle.

How serious is Harris/O Biden taking the border it is much worse than in 2020

That is todays politics hang your hat on victimhood, and lie as much as needed to win. We watched Andrea Romero use the same tactics as Stewart to win against Carl Trujillo, the ugly mailers were total fabrications and disgusting , they probably used the same campaign manager Holguin.

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