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Stormy Vino commented on Hold the president to account

Julie Melton I agree the constitution is very important and when I see Schiff doing private hearings underground where the accused has zero representation, Schiff putting his own words into the transcripts and open hearings where the accused can't have an attorney or witnesses, Schiff goi…

This whole impeachment has been very Russian, Schiff putting his own words into the transcript the only evidence, then underground proceedings with zero opposition participation, then Trump was not allowed any due process no attorneys and no witnesses, then Schiff going through opponents …

Stormy Vino commented on Many don’t have enough food

Marsha Imprescia there is help wanted signs everywhere, this is a problem everywhere in the country the only people that will be effected by the cut back of food stamps are able bodied people.

Biden already delivered that to him in a video with Joe saying fire the Ukranian prosecutor that was going after Hunter or he would hold back 1 billion in aide.

Try using the Scottish Rite facility, they have a theater space and are open minded. This is a great venue space.

Polosi doesn't hate but she lets Schiff and Nadler do all the hating for her. They plan on more of it on Monday to draw attention away from the AG findings on the dossier and FISA warrants. The dog and pony show continues at tax payer expense .

Dr. Johnson like myself are concerned Democrats that don't like being taken advantage of by our elected officials, and I say an honest Republican is better then a corrupt self centered Democrat. I now vote the person not the party.

The articles of impeachment will start out "We heard that he did or we think that he did something wrong but we are not sure. But what we are sure of is that we did not do our elected jobs for the last year so the constituents will have to pay high prices on drugs, insurance, and taxes to…

Austin and his wife Karlee are an asset to the community of Chama, and bring fresh perspective.

You just have to ask the question, what has Lujan done for the people of New Mexico as a congressman , the answer is nothing. He has worked to benefit himself.