Katherine Martinez

Also, so much of what happens to our students in our educational system comes from home. If children are neglected, or come from broken, drug addicted homes, they bring this baggage with them to school. There must be a strong family nucleus to support the kids, ideally a two parent family…

Chris, tell that to the people he left permanently crippled and marred for life, let alone the stain it leaves on New Mexico regarding our attitude towards drunk drivers. This permissive and invincible attitude (enabled by his constituents) is sickening, and embarrassing.

I suppose if I created a mural with Adolph Hitler exterminating Jews at Auschwitz, this would also be praised and acceptable.

I support Karmela; why criticize someone who does their job well, Dee? There is nothing wrong with being a top performer.

It will be the reputation of the voters in Martinez's district that stands to be sullied. If they are lacking in moral scruples, then why shouldn't Martinez stay? This confirms what has been going on in the North for decades: entrenched liberal politicians that feel entitled, emboldened, …

This has nothing to do with money. It has to do with how our kids are being raised, and what comes from home, and how stable the parents are. I understand it's not always the case that there is a mother and father in the picture, but it should be the case. Drug use and alcoholism prevail …

I wouldn't say the Republicans are 'feeble', but perhaps simply outnumbered in a district that is has been democratically entrenched since the beginning of time. I do applaud however, attempts to point out the hypnotic influence that particular party has in this area.

New Mexican: Give it a break already. No laws were broken, and if anything, any publicity is good publicity!! This has been a NON-story since day 1. You had your blood, your red meat with Diana Duran.

Oh hush. Bill Richardson's drunken escapades on a boat made national headlines also. Just leave Susana alone, you are jealous.

We LOVE you SUSANA!! Don't let these detractors hinder you! You are the BEST.