Steve Salazar

Will this water get past the Cochiti Dam, will it ever get to Texas?

The school superintendent is not an elected position.

No need for a halfway house, he can stay at your house.

Most of them are already Catholic.

The Rev. Howard Dotson, so does Saudi Arabia, but they aren't taking any.

Robert Bourque, we'll start with your neighborhood.

I'm glad that she carpetbagged out of my district, Marie Campos thinks dirty pool work, District 1, show her how wrong she is.

Follow the lead of the best states in regard to job grown, cut the corporate tax rate, and we will have job creation here.

Cheeseburger Bill Richardson isn't the current Governor.

Vegas isn't in as bad of shape as you make it seem. Sure, Ronnie RayGun cutting funding for the State Hospital hurt,as did having I-25 bypass town, but the University is going fine, as are the school. There are new businesses all along 7th street.

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