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In places where exposure to guns is higher, more people die of suicide. The highest suicide rates are in states with the highest gun ownership. If every life is important, then you can’t ignore nearly 60% of the people who are dying.

Their refusal to wear masks or get the vaccine is the exact reason why everyone is back to wearing masks. They are the reason the country is experiencing a surge. If they only cared about others, we would all be back to normal life.

They were often seen at the roundhouse protesting the possibility of gun sense laws in the state. Also, sponsored fundraisers for the NRA

And they weren’t hunters either. Just a morbid fascination with guns.

Simply compare the number of deaths from gunshots to all other weapons added up together. The numbers are not even close. Alcohol, sex & guns is a deadly combination.

Now let’s talk about the $141,000,000 taxpayers paid for Trump’s golfing?

Sadly, others were not as fortunate as you. My sister-in-law died from COVID. She weighed all of 110 pounds, not an addict, & under 75. So just consider yourself lucky.

If they don’t agree, at least they should act in a civil manner. Intimidation never won anyone over to your way of thinking.

This occurred on Thursday, not Wednesday.

Spot on!

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