Shawn Chafins

Well said Katherine! It's hard work and we need more folks like these guys in our community!!

Excellent post JB. Mr. Dulles, thank you for your service.

Interesting. Firearms have a mind and the ability to control what happens??? I would gamble to say "mental issues, isolation, not having God in one's life etc., would be the starting point before saying a gun was the issue". A gun is a piece of metal with no mind.

They need to throw the book at these pukes.

Well said Mike!!

Great post Kenneth👍

Good point David. If people don't feel comfortable going out to worship, then that's up to them. I don't think politicians and they way they think is higher than God's word and his will.

Good for these folks. Praise goes to the health care workers and the profession they chose.

Great post! The governor wants everyone to hide under a rock. We all have to respect this virus, that's clear and wear masks. My support for the governor is not as strong as it was because she and Bidunk say " we have to follow science". To date neither one has given explicit example of w…


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