Steve Fitzer

You sound cruel and vengeful.

It starts with green and ends with some overly entitled guy building a medieval castle...

If only it looked more like LA or New Jersey wouldnt santa fe be perfect


Agree, this is a case of someone purposely being contrary to show they can.

Sounds to me like the Day family is passive aggressive, disrespectful to the city supporting them vis a vis their restaurants, and think they are above the law besides being complete bullies. Remind me not to eat at their restaurant. This is the problem with easterners transplanting thems…

It may not be okay but what kind of punishment did you want to see? Years in prison? A shooting? What would satisfy your bloodlust? If the courts and police are satisfied with community service so should we be.

The history of the obelisk is nothing to celebrate or preserve it was meant to be removed years ago. If the courts and police department are satisfied with community service why cant you be too?

Trigger happy mentality the very attitude demonstrating need for waiting period on firearm purchases. You can still move back to texas.

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