Stan Biderman

Disappointing that the New Mexican gives space to a flat earther. Don’t you have any better filler?

Happy to have you back in Santa Fe! Welcome


The nature of life is change. What these comments ignore is perhaps a family that bought the house for $20,000 40 years ago now gets $1,000,000 for the property.. Seems like no one is blaming them for selling.

Very well said!

What fantasy world do you live in? Trump got dumped by over 7 million votes for Biden. You people are just sore losers.

Thanks Jim. Couldn't have said it better.

Agreed Marita.

I totally agree. The Pera board needs to be replaced by people who care for retired public employees who rely solely on their monthly checks to make ends meet. By eliminating COLA, many will not be able to afford the basics such as food and medicine.

Why do you need a gun right now? We are supposed to be social distancing.

I am not aware of hunting season now or why you need to defend yourself. Most people who own a gun have more than one anyway. Why are you so self centered and paranoid someone is going to take this right away …

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