Bill Roth

what would have her agenda be? what would yours be if you had the position? Specifics?

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing ted for a few years thru the Santa area Fe Homebuilders association. What a fantastic man whose contribution to our community has been phenomenal. Thanks!

I didn't know the man, but truly his was life well lived... Rest in Peace

If New Mexico had a more heterogeneous economy, kicking the Oil and Gas Industry out would be more feasible. As it stands, we all hold some responsibility to lessen the impact of the fossil fuel industry by moving towards more sustainable energy production thru wind and solar. Not an apol…

nah, Katherine- this is way too much fun taking down another sanctimonious politican. what goes around comes around... and if it keeps her off the republican ticket, all the better.

Gary is way too decent a guy to make it in todays sick political environment. And he is way too socially liberal for the current theocratic republican party.

actually, they were...statistics dont lie- I won't do your google homework for you.FYI- not a partisan- I actually enjoyed Gary Johnsons years as governor.

show a little respect for a working person, Cove. She was just doing her Job, and Gov. Martinez was abusive and demeaning- no one who's just trying to earn a living deserves to be treated that way- try another straw man argument, will ya? The issue is she tried to throw her weight around and…

Belligerent liar- she'd be a perfect running mate for donald trump- 2 of
a kind!

1. FYI- the city is currently looking into reforming the short term rental problem.
2. Good idea
3. ??? Do actually know what those 600 non profit foundations do? and current federal tax code of which is extremely strict governs their financial operations, not city policy... FYI as a…