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Kathy Riley

Then leave. - Ya' "this Is your turf." But you evidently have not grasped the truth that time always brings change. - You'll only get old if you're lucky. A better attitude might make your life better. If you dislike La Fonda, avoid it. Let those of us who enjoy it have it. - Maybe get al…

Seems like there should be more choices than just these two. It would be extremely awful to be homeless. But there should be another way to care for & help them w/out putting businesses out of business.

From the first communication of Maine complaints about Vangard this seemed like NM was being suckered. Now reading of the positions of politicians in or related to Vangard, it would require 'another entity on the take' to fall for their plan. - Yes, look at what they've DONE ! Not the bla…

Thank you Jamie Torres. As a retired Spec Ed teacher, I can see you realize the many aspects involved in teaching special needs children. That's wonderful for the many students you will teach & encourage. You're intelligent, energetic & young enough to accomplish your goals for th…

Why didn't the police ask the person at the gas station to call the manager for permission to review the on-site video ? Or go back the next day to do so ?

What humane, helpful & caring unit this is. May it grow & continue to help more of those in need.

Can the # or % of cases that are the delta variant be posted ?

Politicians at the least think they're right. Most seem quite narcissistic. With the number of acts listed here, it's hard to believe Stapleton is not involved somehow. This woman COULD HAVE been beneficial in many ways. She's obviously smart & has put forth good options that were imp…

If those protecting Rachel Gudgel feel she's done no more wrong than a two week unpaid vacation compensates for, then why the wall against the whole truth coming out ?

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