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santafegirl123 commented on New flights coming to Santa Fe airport

Not air travel, just jets. Do some research. The carbon emission reduced by driving your EV for 10 years are negated by one 6 hour jet journey.

santafegirl123 commented on New flights coming to Santa Fe airport

Jets over Santa Fe are sooo tranquil.

santafegirl123 commented on New flights coming to Santa Fe airport

Air travel is the largest carbon polluter in Northern New Mexico after oil and gas production. The city's sustainability initiative is a costly liberal farce if we are unwilling to chose selective de-industrialization. Ban jets at SAF.

I'm not sure how small the group of Webber-haters really is. Everywhere I go - dentist, grocery, doctor - folks have negative things to say about Webber. It would be great to see more options than just these two folks running, and I worry that Webber's extensive funding network will get h…

Seniors with serious health issues were eligible to get their vaccines weeks if not months ago. Do you know of any who have died while "healthy 20 or 30 something teachers" get their vaccines? Also: Wondering what your thoughts are about kids who attend school and then bring the virus hom…

It's wonderful to see this type of aid and support, but the headline and the use of the word "adopt" is seriously patronizing. Towns like these don't need "adopting" by their wealthy North American counterparts. Good deeds can and do exist without the accompanying savior complex.

Not true. Certain city councillors have put up a real fuss where Webber's questionable tactics are concerned, most prominently Renee Villarreal. A bit of research on this very website will demonstrate that to you. Don't lump our leaders into one complacent category - it's reductive and ul…

Check the timeframes. This reductive response doesn't account for the fact that graduation rates reported are largely attributable to pre-COVID times and circumstances.

Confused about where the boundless water supply is coming from for this type of rampant development, and also where the jobs exist for all these new inhabitants. I'm all for accessible housing, but no explanation for the obvious hurdles is provided within this discussion.

santafegirl123 commented on Cell tower irks La Cienega residents

The existing water tower currently acts as the structure for community wireless transmission hardware. Compared with everyday users, the first responder network is in use a very small fraction of the time. Yet this is the justification for erecting a monstrosity, marring the skyline of th…

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