Kathy Fish

Wait so we approved something without knowing how much we'll owe? It's probably time to quit pandering to outside interests and put our own city's integrity first. Thanks to Signe for calling out the bs:

'Four of the committee members voted for the action, while member Signe Lindell…

So proud and hopeful for this beautiful family. Much love to you all!!!!

As the state slowly reopens business operations and travelers from neighboring states become increasingly eager to visit Santa Fe, rental owners decry rules they say are forcing them to remain closed while hotels and other lodgers reopen or continue serving a limited number of guests.

“If this downturn lasts into ’22, then you’re in deep, deep trouble,” he said.

Gee, thanks for this vague, dire statement no English teacher would ever approve.

You think police fraud is slow news? Your life must be super exciting! Do tell!

Out here in La Ciengea, the Petroglyphs are accumulating more trash and traffic than ever before. One person's been living in the Petroglyphs parking lot for at least four weeks now in a pickup truck with a cover. Conveniently, there's a porta-potty there too, which makes it easy to set u…

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