Sabine Strohem

This "article" is deplorable. I literally can't believe this "I was on a field trip" tone is used. A police officer was killed by an insurrection. His pals looted, and defiled the Capitol. FFS. His parents must be so proud of their little cult member.

MAGAts always seem to forget that part.

Shame on you, Ms. Herrell. You have sold your soul. Shame on you.

The GOP is dead. Trumpism has replaced it. Trumpists aren't interested in the democratic process.

Sabine_Strohem commented on A Texan to Santa Fe: Sod off

Texas is one of the primary reasons our numbers are as high as they are. I'm glad you've written us off. Please, tell your maskhole friends too.

Note to self: avoid Fr. Brito and his church.

The ignorance and propaganda shared here is stunning and deplorable. Glug, glug.

It's what we did as kids. We can handle it for a year.

Richard, this is patently false. Absolute nonsense.

Of course, donny doesn't care about ANY of those things the good pastor claims to hold dear.

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