Sabine Strohem

@Robert: I completely agree.

The New Mexican should do a special story following two of these folks, let's say Cardoso and Martinez, through the justice system from start to finish. Let us follow the process, and tell us how it ends. Probation? Time served? Then follow them for, say 5 years, and do a story each time …

Huh. I too can't quite picture where, but am having flashbacks to the Eldorado going up. Huh.

Yes. Granted he had multiple myeloma, making it nearly impossible for him to fight infections.

Travers? Who's Travers?

His employer made a policy. He didn’t abide. Simple.

That's not just prostitution. That's child rape.

@johnn Cook exactly! Enforcing laws set to protect is apparently cheating.

@Michelle: here's urban dictionary's definition.

Wagers has proven he can not be safe among people. He should be locked up. Permanently.

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