Russell Scanlon

Mr. Johnson’s only happiness in life is “making liberal’s heads explode” (his words not

mine). Any resemblance in his commentary to facts is purely coincidental.

Yeah. Worldwide plague. No big deal. Your red hat will protect you.

Well Mike—that’s because Trump WAS xenophobic and racist. But what has nothing to do with anything here except for your hobby of trolling and “watching liberal’s heads explode”.

Robert Fields: SARAH PALIN.

The unvaccinated are omicron’s playground. Unfortunately we all suffer for the actions of fools.

Yes, like many negative trends this one began when Reagan cut off federal funding for mental health. This is what 40 plus years of “hating the government” while you manipulate the tax code for benefit of the wealthiest gets you.

Sorry you didn’t have the chance to celebrate” liberals’ heads exploding”. I know it’s a favorite pastime of yours. Peace. It’s a good day to be nice.

This is a reality in almost every large city and no one wants, or deserves, to have this kind of problem in their neighborhood. As a nation, we have the resources to deal with this issue, but not the willpower. And we all know of good people and charities that are constructively working o…

There is plenty of coverage of this case in the media and the man’s identity has been released. Try to be nice. It’s Thanksgiving. You can wait till after the weekend to enjoy your sport of “watching liberal’s head explode” and blaming CNN for everything.

Khal—you have admitted twice that Rittenhouse shouldn’t have been armed and shouldn’t have been there. Is there no punishment for that lack of judgement or does he just go directly to a good paying job in Matt Gaetz’s office?

And Khal—to answer your last sentence from 11/23 9:31am.—…

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