rodney carswell

Do your civic duty MJ and convince your fellow right wingers to get the vaccine. Or, just simply use your daily missives here to encourage that. It would be a good deed (anathema?)

Stephanie--remember Richard used to claim tp be a Democrat, all the while continuing to offer support for Trump, no matter what he did. So, of course he would ignore Trump's incitement of the mob; which as we all saw, was done in plain sight.

I kept waiting for your expert response to the story about your former industry; but it was, surprise, surprise, "crickets". Guess who's going to pick up the bill for this ongoing corruption (the taxpayer--more subsidies for the extraction industry; AKA corporate socialism): https://www.s…

He's clueless

you 2, mike and mark, are made for each other; chronic complainers, misanthropes. Get a room.

yes, make financial compensation needs-based; but let's promote that for every vocation, from hamburger flippers to law enforcement officers to CEO's of something like Intel or ConocoPhillips--make their compensation needs based relative to their personal wealth vs. a general needs econom…

center of the universe



Mr. Nichols, out of curiosity (and nothing better to do...), I Googled "city of Santa Fe city council contact information", and a link to the page with all info for the City elected officials came up as the very first listing in the Google machine. Not sure what the problem was; perhaps t…

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