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So, Chaves County according to you, (compared to here I presume, SF County) is where "everything is going quite well" in ignoring the Gov.'s orders...I have to assume you mean everything except the virus; for as the data shows, Chaves has more cases and deaths than SF County, even with on…


yea, the dude is seriously incoherent...wha?

rodney carswell commented on Oh, weather, just make up your mind

congratulations, I never thought you'd have the self awareness to own up to it.

What a great story! Tu Vas Hombre; viva Española, viva NASA!

DF, I guess I am not surprised at your link to WR. I appreciate the general rectitude and clarity of your semi-regular postings here. Keep up the work for good.

DF, your first sentence is a perfect (Will Rogers) observation.

below, in one of your multiple posts here (you are really at it today, kinda troll like...), you promote a link to a source (RT) to defend your argument. If I am not mistaken, that source is the rebranded Russia Today, a "news source" controlled and paid for by the Russian government (Put…

rodney carswell commented on Voters should be ready to request ballots

it doesn't take any particular smarts, just knowledge that something called Google exists:

FYI: in a simple search I couldn't find a way to buy it online; I found it listed, but no one selling it.

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