Donato Velasco

Yes mayor with your expertise and opinions tourist do not bring the virus cause it’s all ready here in the low income areas of Santa Fe and since the virus targets lower ethnic groups you all white privileged people In the north East part of Santa Fe are safe from the virus ,, so just sta…

So how they going to improve the education of students so they don’t test at the bottom and are police officers still going to be in the schools and used as a way to scare kids and increase fear among students

His getting his yearly China trip all scheduled, who is going with him for a goodwill ambassadors to bring tourists

Now his an expert like all others who want to protect the cash cow tourism,, better lock up the locals and have tourist and protesting continue cause they do not get the virus herd immunity on them

Many social programs were started in the past but people lost interest and officer had training in dealing with people in crisis but due to political changes in the community and failed to keep the vision with in the police department,, you have the current situation,, a transformation ne…

The union president has first hand knowledge of what happens to domestic violence victims when the perpetrators continue and finally kill their victims,, it’s one reason the state domestic violence act was rewritten,,

It’s what’s wrong with the system and residents need to have their councilors accountable to make change or get voted out , mayor and city manager need to be held accountable,,

They are badge and gun heavy need better screening on application and continue evaluations

It’s about accountability and he failed to control his actions,, should not be an officer,, he can go do another profession and wish him well,,

Just follow the law and policies

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