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Rob Morlino

So very happy to hear about pay raise for teachers. With the value they are responsible for everyday (our children) they deserve to be among the highest paid public servants!

First off, we should be grateful this hasn't ended up like most BLM land in the area, covered in shell casings and sofas from those who don't want to pay dump fees.

Trail building is conservation, a principle well established in the area. Galisteo Basin is a good example. Crowded is…

This one? Lots of nonprofits have CEOs. This shelter also needs a lot more administrative and fundraising capacity as it's not substantially supported by the city or county. The vast majority of it's $7 million budget is fundraised.

I think both midtown or Siler Rd are far preferable to city hall's current location. To all those talking about awful traffic on Siler, maybe you're talking about a different street. My office looks out on Siler the whole workday and I never see it backed up as described.

Hi Mr Johnson,

Much of my masters study was based around how our interventions in Central America directly contributed to the refugee situation at the border. I lived in Honduras for a year documenting it. It's pretty incontrovertible and I'd be happy to debate you on it for charity…

Humans are the practitioners of culture, not statues. While they may be important symbols, they have recently served mostly to distract us from real issues of cultural preservation. While we argue over statues, young people leave this city everyday -- many of them the latest descendants o…

The free market is our current housing status quo. It clearly doesn't work.

Whatever the category of taxes is kind of irrelevant. A 40% tax rate on a 20-something making $30k a year is exploitative and is basically incentivizing people to underreport their income or just get out of the state as soon as possible.

Other commenters are right that GRT is the principal issue and I plan to advocate for a bill in the next session that would change that in a small way. The state needs to find a way to more progressively tax property, capital gains, and corporations and stop letting poor and working peopl…

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