Miranda Viscoli

uh...Lock him up. Democracy is not who shows up armed and loaded and inciting insurrectionism. See ya wouldn't want to be ya.

Unfortunately, in the state of New Mexico there is no ban on open and concealed carry including assault weapons. This has long been a tragedy waiting to happen. It is time to ban open and concealed carry in and at all state and city buildings in New Mexico. Democracy is not who has the bi…

Gun violence in Albuquerque and New Mexico continues to rise even during the pandemic. 71% of homicides in 2019 in Albuquerque were with a firearm. Meanwhile, over the weekend, a woman was shot and killed by her boyfriend, a man was found shot to death in an apartment in Santa Fe, a McDon…

When Biden won the presidential election there were armed Trump supporters harassing a teenager with a Biden sign. We stepped in to intervene. It is time to end open carry in this state. On Wednesday, there were many protestors with assault rifles These are war tools designed to kill as m…

According to the NMDPH in 2019, 285 people died by suicide. 60% were with a firearm.


Searchlight nailed it! https://searchlightnm.org/rest-in-pieces/?fbclid=IwAR0rX673ysAQPpkRmiYLrh3IZ6J62iZ_N9n-ZlPuxs0kbCA-RhemVUC0n_c



Thank you, Mr. Martinez for your insightful, intelligent and much needed editorial.

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