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You just lost our subscription by printing this article. BTW people, just lock your cookies on you web browser like Safari and you can read most papers for free.

Exactly....the deafness of these diners is unbelievable. People complaining about not going out to eat when the staff of these establishments are barely surviving.

They should be donating their money to a Save Santa Fe Restaurants and Employees fund.

Rikkiw commented on A Texan to Santa Fe: Sod off

Sod for Texas, we don’t care about your dollars. Please tell all your Texan friends the terrible experience you had with Santa Feans who abide by the law, want to protect each other from a deadly virus and are conscious enough to remind others. Yes indeed, Sod Off Texas.

New Mexico is a State, not a Nation. Americans can actually move from state to state.

Instead of complaints perhaps the new tax revenue will improve schools and lift all revenues as New Mexico grows. The state investing in attracting good employers should be the demand, not shutting…

A Stanford study this week form tracking cell phone pings.


Thank you Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham for doing the right thing!

This case will be thrown out in court. Stupid is as stupid does.

Why is this even open Seriously people. Going to a Farmers Market....

Good job SFNM on demonstrating exactly what NOT to do.

Is that why Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan have so few cases?

They have one common factor: face masks

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