Irene Edwards

Well, after all, most of the Republicans meeting in Texas are likely Texans anyway.

And I left out, the mural is ironically on a building set to become an art museum. Go figure. Natural life... hmmmm.

"Spokesman Daniel Zillman wrote in an email the department agrees with the court the mural has reached the end of its natural life."

So, would someone please define "natural life"? What is the "natural life" of a work of art? What if the frescoes of Pompeii or the ones in the Sistin…

I am just now learning about Frank’s passing. This is extremely sad, because my husband knew his wife’s family, and we have danced with them at powwows. He had a twinkle in his eye and that sly smile when he would look at his wife and they were just the cutest couple. They always danced t…

People, just wear the mask. You are totally disregarding the health of those around you. You are disrespectful of the health of those around you. If you want to catch Covid-19, then go right ahead. There are those of us who would like to stay healthy.

Thanks Governor Lujan Grisham, for getting us to a yellow stage where things are beginning to be a little more normal. Your guidance has led us to this place. By shutting things down, we are in a better position to fully recover.

Thank you, Governor Lujan Grisham! You did the wise thing, imposing restrictions, and it worked. Thank you for looking out for the people of New Mexico, those who have worn masks and follow guidelines. Prayers for those mourning family and friends who’ve lost their lives to COVID-19, far …

Aaannnnd, they’re off!

Just take the thing down.

And, wear a mask.

Reeni commented on Caught behind the lines

Perhaps when that man in the White House is voted out things can be changed for the people like the Herreras. I know of another family caught in a similar situation. Very sad when those positive contributors to society are punished by ignorant rules and processes.

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