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Beautifully written -- thank you, Dillon.

Don't forget Colorado -- we made an appointment in Alamosa through the Kroger website last week and drove up the next day for our first shot. In our early 60s with no underlying conditions. Then took ourselves off the New Mexico list. Super easy.

It's hard to imagine that the works inside this new modern gallery will be any more appealing than this wonderful street art so full of life and energy, and free to any passerby; its obliteration -- not "retirement" -- would culturally impoverish this neighborhood and the city. I wish Mr.…

Such a wonderful organization -- congratulations on your 35th anniversary!

Bushtits do seem like the most co-operative of bird families -- you don't see them fighting at the feeders as you do other birds. They make room for each other or, as noted, patiently wait their turn. Always a delight to watch!

Many of us would like to know more about what is behind these rising numbers. You mention tourists -- over the past week, are these tourists who are testing positive here in Santa Fe before going home? Or residents/hotel, shop and restaurant workers who were infected by tourists? Health c…

Wow, Steve, congratulations! Recalling our first meeting at the paper way back in fall 1987, and am now delighted to read you're moving into the retired life. Enjoy those grandkids and please do keep writing!

Rebecca Clay commented on Allen Stamm: Good heart, good bones

Thanks for your comment, John -- good point!

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