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realgenericuser commented on Losing candidate delivers hot-air ad

YEAH! Get a rich white women who married oil money in the race! She won't lie in the general. See, also, her lies to cover up the fact that she criticized Trump. All the republicans in the race are liars.


Oh please. Much ado about not a da** thing. Go watch the footage provided to you free of charge. and click webcast. And get real.

It would be nice if we could impeach commenters, too. You're a partisan who lacks any desire to anything other than troll and snark. We are all dumber for having read your blather. webcast. You can watch every hearing. You won't though: you're only here to spew your vitriol.

When will they stream every committee hearing so that we can all watch?

Like 8 years ago. Click "webcast."

With respect to Mr. Rosenstock-- you have never and I mean without a doubt, no possibility of any dispute, ever seen a criminal defendant lecture law enforcement and the Court in the manner that Thomas R. Rodella did in front of Judge Browning.

Let's recap, briefly: Mr. Rodella clai…