Richard Irell

Apparently you are having difficulty with the concept of ignoring someone.

That is why people are planning for the future. Plugging in EVs is an issue for lots of people. That is what people like Heinrich are working towards creating the infrastructure for things like EV charging.

Wrong. You know nothing about my system nor my energy usage and yet you feel qualified to state what I will need?

It is increasing all the time. And there is nothing wrong with subsidies. We spend many billions of dollars on a military presence in the Persian Gulf because of oil. We have fought wars for oil. American blood has been spilt for oil. Not to mention the costs of oil spills, air pollution,…

Of course you could always read the Electrifying America’s Future Resolution before commenting, but I guess just reading the opinions of an industry shill is a lot easier.…

Taxes will not finance new construction. And there is no reason to believe that construction costs are higher for an all-electric house.

Also, as demand drops for NG the prices should drop. Maybe you have heard of supply & demand.

Straw man. No one is seriously talking about forcing existing buildings to electrify. The proposals in places like Denver are to require electrification in new construction and in major renovations.

Wrong again. You don’t get to make your own definitions.

But you ignore the fact that we are increasing the amount of energy produced by renewable (not “renewable”) sources which means pretty much zero pollution from the generation process.

I have solar panels and produce more energy than I consume so it would make a lot of sense for me t…

What about human decency do you not understand?

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