Mark Blackburn

How far do you want to take it? Let's face it we are all occupiers. Native Americans have always been treated poorly and put on our version of a concentration camp meanwhile it's all about BLM. Something is Wrong with all of this.

If they legally own the property they have a right. I just sold a house in Honolulu as the neighborhood was over run by trespassers invading our personal space due to social media. I feel sorry for the homeowners. Social media is to blame I am sure for this.

One of the reasons I sold my home in Santa Fe in March and moved elsewhere is because of the severe left leaning progressive agenda now permeating the culture of Fanta Se.

This general attitude is one of the many reasons I sold my home in Santa Fe and moved to Albuquerque. Santa Fe is nothing more than a progressive toxic sanctuary city stain on New Mexico.

Yes and quickly! Weber is a progressive fool!

I sold my house in March as Santa Fe is so special. Fanta Se is a joke thats turned in one out control sanctuary city with a burgeoning rate of homelessness and rising violent crime invaded by California progressives.

Just like Hawaii - two blue states that will never recover fully due to the heavy hand of the "Democratic Machine".

This type of stupidity is the sole reason I sold my house in Santa Fe and moved to Albuquerque. I was also present when the thugs took down the statue and watched as police stood by and I was personally verbally assaulted. Yes it truly is the city indifferent.

Thanks Nicoletta - it seems things like this are the order of the day. Special privileges for special people. Why follow the rule of law. This type of development needs to stop now.

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