Mark Blackburn

Oh I do dislike the majority of the Santa Fe crowd and go out of my way trying to not interact unless absolutely necessary. Please get the facts correct that BLM is a Marxist organization that uses" Corporate Extortion" to fuel their coffers. Santa Fe is a beautiful place but I must say a…

Sallie and Roberts letters just show how twisted the progressive narcissistic lefts attitudes are and represents the majority of the residents of Santa Fe unfortunately. I am a Trump supporter and provided video to the police on the destruction and mayhem at the Plaza. The BLM "Burn Loot …

They should be fully prosecuted to the full extent of the law. They are terrorists and actually physically threatened me. I have turned over a large amount of videos to the police.

Yees Steve you are correct. I ma going to the police station today as I have lots of first hand video.

Please report him to the authorities as you are correct!

Vandals and terrorists, I was physically threatened filming the destruction. By the way I have lots of first hand videos if the authorities want it.

Rodney the games have just begun, like many others of you Trump owns real estate in your head. Its going to be great to watch the next four years. Yep the President owns the fake media and all the Dems who are not critical thinkers as he's firmly forever implanted in their heads...

Thank you Jose for being spot on. Its all about the Chinese Virus nothing more.

Trump is never going away...let the games begin.

Yes but this will be a victory for President Trump and Mark Ronchetti. Law and order must exist in society but this is what happens in a blue sanctuary city!

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