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Batteries are not the only storage method for renewable energy. There are longer duration methods available like compressed air and pumped hydro that could be built at a utility scale:


No one is being censored. He has a private business and prints the stickers he wants. Censorship would be if he government stopped him from printing them.

Here's another one from the AMA that talks about blue light's effect on driving and our health:


I do support the LED changover. The Cree brand has good reviews: ht…

Wow, that is a lot of money for maintenance. How much are we paying for maintenance now? Will the work be performed by locals paid a living wage? I didn't get this blue light scatters too much thing. So I did some research and it seems to be true. Citing some sources would help your argum…

Why does the New Mexican keep reporting about his as if the word savage was still on the monument: "The obelisk was dedicated to soldiers who fought in the Civil War, but it also had an inscription honoring the “heroes” who died in battle with “savage Indians.” The word savage was chipped…

"The city plans to replace 5,550 high-pressure sodium lights with LEDs that consume 60 percent less electricity in a six-month" The lights will pay for themselves with lower energy bills.

Yes, and the lumens of a lamp quantify how bright the light is or "how much" light is created

The city should do now what it should have done when it bought the campus: Hire a good executive to assemble a team to run the place. There have been and still are city owned colleges and there is no reason Santa Fe can't make it work.


Why not have primary physicians qualify people for the priority groups and appointments instead of having people self report their conditions?

Call it what it is: usury. From the same root word as use. And I would say that it has traditionally been outlawed, and that these predatory lenders are exploiting the loopholes as they exploit people.

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