David Gunter

Santa Fe has been an experience anyone can buy for over a hundred years now. It has been sold and marketed as such since around the time the railroad reached Lamy. Don't believe me? Just go back and start reading through old newspapers and magazines from the era.

Yes, silly you. There is nothing in the title that would remotely suggest that.

In addition, Saturday was a final day of interviews for a process that had been going on for a few weeks. It wasn't as if they met each candidate for the first time that day.

Unfortunately we also live in an age of public doxing and moronic hotheads that are too anxious to act on impulse. I would agree with you for state officials and higher, those who are offered police protection if needed. For citizens serving on advisory boards, it's not an easy thing to d…

Though not stated so clearly in the article, the contract is with PNM, because they own and maintain the lights.

Qubits commented on Hit the gas on the RPM Act

You got all upset por nada! "Redneck" in common usage ceased to refer to any specific race of people long ago. Anyone acting like a proud moron can now be called a redneck.

5-1/2 years ago our solar PV array went live and we haven't had an electric bill sense. Two years ago I bought an electric car (charging for free at home) and I only buy gas now when I need to borrow a truck every once in awhile. A future without fossil fuels is possible and higher prices…

Here's his case. He pleaded to the 1st degree murder charge (he was waiting in a car when his two buddies shot a store clerk) and was given 10 years. He served 4 years and was paroled, then went back a few years later on a parole violation, then was paroled again, violated again, and only…

Probation and parole follows incarceration in a lot of cases. There is nothing in this story suggesting that he never served actual prison time before his probation period started.

Yes, by all means less copy Alabama, whose school systems have reported 2,000-3,000 new COVID-19 cases a week for the past few months and where 30 teachers and staff have died from COVID-19 this past year.

You are a heartless fool.


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