Scott Miller

Let’s move the shelter to the edge of town and get the mentally ill, alcoholics, and drug addicts off the Plaza and Cerrillos Rd. Regular people do not want them around because they are sometimes unpredictable, threatening, and violent. Of course this is not everyone, so spare me the fals…

The proverbial October surprise. When you wrestle with a pig, everybody gets muddy.

BTW…the article refers to a 2.3 million dollar mortgage. I believe the City floated $30 million in bonds to buy the property and annual maintenance expenses are $2 million. Referring to a $2.33 million dollar mortgage is a gross misrepresentation.

Let’s move the main downtown library into the old Fogelson Library at midtown campus while we are at it. Sell the old library and City Hall to fund the project.

Mayors come and mayors go but the employees Union at city hall is always there. They can’t stand Webber and have no doubt used passive aggressive tactics to sabotage him. We need a mayor who can elicit Union cooperation. Vigil Coppler is that person.

Mayor Webber points to his experience starting Fast Company and running the Harvard Business Review. These successes are from several decades ago. What is important is his performance as mayor the last few years. Issues like the midtown campus, parks, roads, police, and other basic servic…

I believe the Mayor has a good heart. He should get a job as a social worker.

The Mayor leads off with his strongest accomplishments…leading us to turquoise status, adopting a mask ordinance, and practicing vaccine equity, whatever that is! Is this the best he has? Thank goodness he…

When will our business community have the courage to post in their storefront windows:



An historical tidbit…the original Colorado River Compact was signed by representatives of the member states at the Bishop’s Lodge.

The need for improved cell phone service in the area is real. I live nearby and must walk outside my house to keep calls from dropping. My neighbors do the same.

I hope St. John’s and neighbors will find an acceptable solution. The fact that we have unreliable cell phone service wit…

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