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Priyanka Jonas

.....because it's all about you

You should get a nice camembert to go along with your whine!😉

Travel some more and find a place where you really like the people and the culture.

why don't you try being a part of the solution instead of part of the problem?

John Gomez you reminisce like a 50 year old already...what will you do when you are no longer youngish? tsk

All employees regardless of rank should me made to take their time be year's end or lose it. It's bad order for the city to pay a lump sum of money, rather than a benefit in monthly increments. This is just another example of cronyism....

To know Karen is to love her! Her smiling face is missed. Praying for and wishing her well.

Well, that's one man's opinion...maybe they'll put the homeless in that new housing. "Business owners want to see the shelter moved to another part of the city, preferably along Airport Road, she said." Julia Albright

It seems like Airport Road has become the new dumping ground

Sounds like you'd be happier if they'd give the homeless one-way bus tickets to some other states...

A lot of finger pointers and NIMBYs. Instead of being part of the problem, try being a part of he solution. I won't frequent those businesses because of their attitudes not because of the homeless...

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