Prince Michael Jauregui

Prince Michael

Great photographs, too bad readers weren't informed of the service.

May The Most Holy Christ King Yeshua rest the soul of Rob Dean!

Prince Michael

As a second-generation U.S.A.F. veteran, -from an extended-family

with many veterans- I can irrefutably report, the Veterans Administration

is the biggest, most costly misuse of tax-payer dollars. As this

particular article verifies, the inept agency panders to some grou…

Prince Michael

Thank-you Mr. Casaus, for another thought-provoking article.

Still, as an on-and-off again lifetime resident of the state, I must honestly

-and sadly- disagree with your "Land of Ahora" assessment.

Overstand, -if you will- as a young-boy growing up in the state, I saw

Prince Michael

Thank-you Mr. Casaus for your powerful tribute to The Dean.

Also, please accept my my sincere condolences for the passing of your mother.

From one former- Boy Scout, to another.

Prince Michael

My profound condolences to the family, friends and colleagues of Mr. Dean. Although our association was always limited to phone calls, faxes and emails, Rob's professionalism and genuine personality always powerfully resounded. Always accessible and affable, I would later learn he was hig…

Prince Michael

From -both- Moral and Religious perspectives, the actions of the

United Methodist Church is glaringly wrong on many levels. Be clear, not unlike

most large Corporate Christian denominations (Read: Baptists, Catholics, Lutherans, Et Al), the United United Methodist Church has s…

Prince Michael

Ms. Beninato, a Phobia of any type would require an extreme or

irrational fear. Be sure, I'm largely incapable of Fear.

Nonetheless, I was simply acknowledging Buttigieg own seemingly

endless exploitation of his own "Lifestyle Choice", as opposed to anything

truly …

Prince Michael

William, you've made some excellent suggestions.

For far too-long, the city has promoted and lauded artists from

outside the state, while seemingly marginalizing those originating in

New Mexico and the Southwest.

Prince Michael

Unquestionably, not unlike Rio Arriba County "Sheriff" Lujan,

Lujan-Grisham suffers from, well, Lujan-Grisham Syndrome.

A malady, deeply rooted in the Latino-American culture, where

light-complected Latino-Americans not only incorporate White Privilege

into their a…

Prince Michael

Well beyond Malcom Lazin's grandiose idealism, stands

the firm, immutable Truth. Other than his unabashed Homosexuality, -and his

big-money homosexual supporters- Pete Buttigieg offers absolutely nothing

which separates him from any other small-town mayor. Be sure, broad…