Paula Lozar

Yay! I liked his food truck a lot, and was disappointed when it disappeared, so I'm looking forward to visiting him in his new location.

I think it's hilarious that people are having hissy fits about Chipotle when there are long lines every day at every single one of the local Taco Bells.

I hope the new owners don't try to force out the existing tenants and convert the two malls to expensive condos or high-end shopping. They're an island of small local businesses in what has become an increasingly overpriced downtown, and I for one hope they continue to thrive.

I voted early (last Fri.) at the Rodeo Grounds. I was one of 2 voters in the building, although a couple more people came in after me. When I handed in my ballot, the machine had counted 795 votes, which I thought was pretty pathetic. (Then again, in my district only two races were contes…

In my neighborhood, the lighted plastic bags are called "Fakolitos."

At least some people are actually receiving water bills. I've been paying my utility bills electronically via my bank for years. Normally my water bill is issued on the 15th of the month and I get an email with the amount, which I then direct my bank to pay. I have received NO bill for No…

Barring food allergies, I think the only dietary guideline anyone needs is, "Everything in moderation."

Try the shrimp entrees, which are generally good.

(The salmon had a "fishy" taste? Well, duh, it's a fish!)

A well deserved honor. I've volunteered with Christine, and she's terrific.

Re "Cold Mountain," I disagree with the critic's statement that the epilogue could be excised: It gives the story a "life goes on" resolution, instead of ending at the most tragic possible moment, and I found that more satisfying dramatically (as well as truer to the spi…