Peter Romero

No one in the picture was wearing masks.

I always ask the question, "why now" its been there for ever and until some groups from other states made a big deal about it. H--l most in Santa Fe didn't even know it what it was about. Restore it and leave it as a reminder what not to do going forward. You can't change history !

I like the last phrase in the article."U.S. Attorney’s Office issued a federal grand jury subpoena in late July for all Albuquerque Public Schools records related to her"

Maybe just maybe something will stick.

Anytime a politician gets involved it generally has a special interest with some money behind it. Its worked for hundreds of years, leave it alone !

Justin time for the Albuquerque municipal election. MLG has Keller's back.

What happened to "my body my Choice" ? I guess that's for only killing the unborn.

Background checks are regulation. I like the idea, we shall see what happens.

I agree he got off lightly. And many wonder why crime in NM is rampant. No consequences for doing wrong.

Remember, she isn't a Republican.

I home this includes access to state land that ranchers lock out legally license hunters and sportsman because they lease the lands for grazing. The biggest scam going.

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