Peter Romero

When I was a kid we had an election day. No we have election day, weeks, months, it is crazy.

I would feel more empathy if this discussion was about the homeless in Santa Fe.

I think Yvette Herrell was elected before Halland as Native American Woman. Harrell is a member of the Cherokee Nation with no arrests for driving while intoxicated.

The traffic is going to be even worse that it already is.

I think it's ironic that Democrats have almost always won New Mexico, either in the national or local elections. New Mexican might want to wonder why we are last in everything good and first in everything bad. [scared]

pjromero commented on Headless Nurse Medina

I myself had a nurse Medina encounter while I worked there. I never believed in this stuff till after that day in T-65. [scared]

Vote all Republican's out of office ? Just look at north central New Mexico as a test for what an all Democrat government will do for you. Last in everything good and first in everything bad. What a joke [censored] I am amazed that democrats keep voting in the same people and want a diffe…

Maybe it time to use the old Lovelace hospital that the state is leasing for 800k per month. The army core of engineers retrofitted the space it should be used.

We can’t save everything. But we can manage it so it won’t have a fire that will take everything away, including the spotted owl. I will be purchasing my dead and down wood permit today. I have never found a lawsuit to be a forest management tool.

And New Mexico will be no better than last place. Business as usual. Everyone wants different results but keep electing the same people. Insanity.

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