Philip Taccetta

I still don’t know how the overpopulation problem got swept under the rug?

My wife and I believed the climate scientists first time around - I’ve been off grid for 40 years and we replaced ourselves - period. Two children.


Now is the time we should be developing the technology for water purification. The Estancia Valley apparently sits on a huge aquifer of salt/non potable water. I’m certain that there are more such aquifers that could also be tapped - if the technology to purify it economically is developed.

What a load of delusional lies. You were obviously made receptive by believing the thousands of lies told by your hero, the disgusting orange thing.

Agreed! They are also the same ones that have prevented any meaningful action regarding climate change. If it had been tackled head on 40 years ago we wouldn’t be dealing with fires, drought and extreme weather events.

Anti science mentality has caused a world full of problems prolo…

Seriously? If no new pits are made and in 50 years we have a nuclear war and only 5% of the bombs work we’ll only blow up the earth ten times instead of a hundred times?

Might as well spend all that money that couldn’t possibly be used elsewhere and insure total destruction if there…


Bernie is right! We need universal health care including dental and vision. Obamacare is at best a stop gap measure.

I don’t think anyone that follows this issue thought that Marijuana revenue would replace oil and gas. A strong renewable energy training and construction program has the potential to overtake it. Certainly not immediately. Oil and gas production is not going to disappear as soon as many …

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